Candace Owens: an American political activist and commentator

Candace Owens: an American political activist and commentator

Candace Owens, an American conservative political activist, and commentator. She, best recognized for her pro-Trump commentary and important stance on the Democratic Party and therefore the international activist movement ‘Black Lives Matter’ (BLM) that originated within the African-American community and campaigns against systemic racism and violence on black people. Similarly, she promotes black conservatism and founded an internet site and YouTube channel ‘Red Pill Black’ for promoting the political and movement within the US.

Early Life

Candace Owens, born on April 29, 1989, in Stamford, Connecticut, US. There has not much information available on family background, parents, and youth of Candace. Except that she had mentioned by her grandparents in Stamford, Connecticut following the divorce of her parents. She is of African-American ethnicity.

Candace Owens: an American political activist and commentator
Candace Owens

Major Works

She served as CEO of the now-defunct marketing agency called ‘Degree180’ in 2015. Its website had a blog that always featured anti-conservative and anti-Trump content. It included a column penned down by Candace that year criticizing the conservative Republicans. In 2016, she launched an anti-cyberbullying website called that might expose Internet bullies by tracing their digital footprint. Then, she sought crowdfunding for the web site through Kickstarter. However such initiative of Candace soon became controversial garnering criticism that she was doxing Internet users and breaching their privacy. Also, the web site had condemned by both progressives and conservatives who were involved within the Gamergate controversy.

During a turn of events, Candace finally gained the support of conservatives involved within the Gamergate controversy and eventually became a conservative. The web site hadn’t created finally with Kickstarter suspending its funding.

Personal Life

Candace gets married to George Farmer on September 1, 2019. George Famer, the son of British businessman and peers within the House of Lords, who served as treasurer of the Conservative Party. Likewise, She, influenced by the works of Thomas Sowell, Ben Carson, Milo Yiannopoulos, and Ann Coulter.

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