Fred Trump: an American real-estate developer and Donald Trump's Father

Fred Trump: an American real-estate developer and Donald Trump’s Father

Frederick Christ Trump Sr., better referred to as Fred Trump, was an American real-estate developer and therefore the father of the 45th president of the US, Donald Trump. He was born and raised in NY, US. After his father’s death, Fred Trump started a house construction company, in partnership together with his mother.

Fred Trump’ Early Life

Fred Trump was born on October 11, 1905, within the Bronx, NY City. His parents, Elizabeth (née Christ) and Frederick Trump, were German Lutheran immigrants. His father was from Kallstadt, Germany, and was a barber who later earned a little fortune within the ‘Klondike Gold Rush.’ He died of flu when Trump was 13.

Trump was the second of the three children of his parents. He grew up together with his elder sister, Elizabeth Trump Walters, and younger brother, John George Trump. His name, “Christ,” was taken from his mother’s surname. Their family shifted to Woodhaven, Queens, after Fred’s birth. He studied at the ‘Richmond Hill highschool ’.

Fred Trump was only 15 years old when he founded his own construction business, in partnership together with his mother, Elizabeth, within the 1920s. He named the venture ‘E. Trump & Son.’ As he was underage, his mother handled the official work until he was 21. Trump began by building garages for the newly invented and marketed automobiles.
He learned carpentry and studied the way to read blueprints. He built his first house two years after graduating.

Personal Life

Trump married Mary Anne MacLeod in January 1936. They lived in Jamaica, Queens, and had five children: Maryanne Trump Barry (born 1937), who later became a federal appellate court judge; Frederick Christ Trump Jr. (born 1938), who later became an airline pilot; Elizabeth Trump Grau (born 1942), a ‘Chase Manhattan Bank’ executive; Donald Trump (born 1946), the 45th president of the US; and Robert Trump (born 1948), president of ‘Trump Management.’ Frederick Trump Jr. died in 1981, following alcoholism-related complications.

Fred Trump: an American real-estate developer and Donald Trump's Father
Fred Trump

Trump supported various charity houses, including various Jewish and Israeli institutions, the ‘Salvation Army,’ the ‘Boy Scouts of America,’ and therefore the ‘Kew-Forest School,’ where his children studied. He donated buildings to organizations like the ‘Jamaica Hospital center,’ the ‘National Kidney Foundation,’ the ‘Cerebral Palsy Foundation,’ and therefore the ‘Community Mainstreaming Associates of Great Neck.’

Trump suffered from Alzheimer’s disease for the last six years of his life. In June 1999, he fell ill with pneumonia and was admitted to the ‘Long Island Jewish center ’. He died on June 25, 1999, at the age of 93.

Fred Trump’s Major Works

He began with building car garages and progressed to construct apartment houses. Fred Trump built barracks and apartments near shipyards for the ‘US Navy’ staff, during war II. He also constructed single-family apartment complexes for returning servicemen and middle-income group people. He built quite 27 thousand apartments in and around NY City.

Fred Trump was investigated for wartime profiteering from public contracts and was called before a ‘US Senate’ committee. He was a hard-working and impressive man. Fred Trump and his company faced a racism suit filed by the ‘Civil Rights Division’ of the ‘US Department of Justice’ for violation of the ‘Fair Housing Act.’ He was married to Mary Anne MacLeod, and that they had five children. He suffered from Alzheimer’s disease during the later years and died at the age of 93.