Rima Bishwokarma : Popular, Beautiful and Talented Nepalese Host

Rima Bishwokarma : Popular, Beautiful and Talented Nepalese Actress

Rima Bishwokarma(August 5, 1989) is a Nepalese film actress, beauty queen, model, host, VJ, Television Journalist and producer too. Rima is one of the most beautiful and talented actress in Nepalese Cinema. She was born in Gulariya of Bardiya, Nepal. Rima had the height of 5’4”. She was born to the parents Babu Ram and Bishnu Kumari Bishwokarma in a middle class family. Rima is too popular among the public as a program host.


Talking about her education, she had studied her lower secondary classes in Siddhartha Vanasthali Institute. After that, she passed her SLC from Navaratna Secondary School. She is now studying bachelor 3rd year in Mass Communication from Pinnacle Academy.


Career as VJ

Rima Bishwokarma started her career as VJ at the age of 12 when she was studying in class 6. She worked as VJ, hosting a TV program ‘Jada Jadai’ which was telecasted at national channel Nepal Television. She worked for NTV and newscaster for National TV as VJ. Rima had worked in several other programs and channels as VJ.

Program Host

Reema Bishwokarma in Nepal Idol

Though Rima Bishwokarma is involved in several sectors in and outside the industry, she had achieved the deserving success as program host. Rima had co-hosted the Nepali Franchise of International show ‘Who Wants to be the Millionaire?’ Rima had co-hosted ‘Nepal Idol’ since it’s Season-1. Audience had given positive response to the host. Rima is also one of the reason that people watch the show. She had been popular internationally after the show. Rima also hosts the ‘Comedy Champion’, the first comedy show of Nepal. Rima is also the producer of ‘Comedy Champion’ along with her best friends Keki Adhikari and Reecha Sharma.

Reema Bishwokarma with the team of Comedy Champion

Career as Model

Rima Bishwokarma is one of the talented and beautiful actress in the industry. Once, her friend Chris asked her to play as model in his music video. Then, she accepted it and debuted as model from ‘Jindagi Bhari Saath DInchu Bhannele’ by Chris KC. The song was successful and Rima was noticed by audience. After some time, she worked in ‘Chayechha Basanta’, song by Indian singer Shreya Ghosal. The song was popular in Nepal and India. It was too successful and helped Rima grow her career in modelling. Rima takes the song as the changing point of her career. She had done more than 100 music videos till the day.

Career as Actress

Rima Bishwokarma debuted as the lead actress in the cinema from the movie ‘Swor’ in 2011. The movie was successful to some extent. Later, she worked in ‘Visa Girl’ ‘Ritu’ Bato Muniko Phool 2’ ‘Kohalpur Express’ and some others. She went to Rajasthan and Australia for the shooting of her movie ‘Ritu’.


Rima Bishwokarma literally takes 5-10 lakhs per movie. Though she charges less in the movies, she is the expensive lady host in Nepal. She also earns from the commercial advertisements of different products and companies. She had also been featured in magazines.


Rima Bishwokarma got married to UK NRN Robert Bishwokarma in September of 2015. But, later they both divorced each other after the two years of marriage. After divorce, Robert again got married to model Barsha Rasaily. But, Rima had neither in relationship, nor got married to next. She is one of the best example, role model and motivators for Nepalese girls. Rima shows how a single lady can progress too much in her life though after the divorce. She had been more loved and cheered by her fans.

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