US President Trump banned Tik Tok After India

Tik Tok may be banned in America soon : Trump ready for ‘digital strike’ against China

After India’s digital strike against China , America is now preparing to take action against it on the same lines. After banning the Tik Tok of India, now America can soon ban the Tik Tok in their country. This is confirm by the American nation Donald Trump himself. US President Donald Trump said on Friday that his administration could ban the Chinese video sharing app TikTok .

Tik Tok

Trump said that we are watching TikTok , we can ban TikTok. We are doing some other things, we may have some options but we are seeing a lot of options regarding TikTok . Earlier on Wednesday, President Donald Trump told reporters that the US government was thinking of banning TikTok .

When Trump was ask about possibly banning the Chinese application, he say that we are looking at TikTok. We are thinking about making a decision. Earlier in July, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that the Trump government was considering banning tik tok over privacy concerns.

Beijing’s startup Bite Dance-owned Tiktok app has repeatedly been criticized by US politicians for being a threat to national security due to its ties with China. Earlier this month, a group of 25 US congressmen and congressman raised privacy and protection of the American people from President Donald Trump. Expressing concern over the censorship of tik tok of User Content to advance the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) foreign policy. Urged to take decisive action for the defense.

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